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Shoe Upper Stitcher

Shoe upper stitchers learn to make the upper side of a leather show, and specialize in size marking and cut marking on cutting knives (dies).


Shoe upper stitchers learn to make the upper side of a leather show, and specialize in size marking and cut marking on cutting knives (dies).

What you will learn

In this course, you will learn how to differentiate between different types of leather and colours/shades, and upper and lower shoe components. You will also learn how to collect and cut required article components and estimates, be familiar with leather wastage and how to find defects in leather. The course will also teach you how to operate a single needle, as well as binding, zig zagging, using auto-bar and sewing machines, and producing and stitching shoe uppers as per sample.

Entry Requirements

There are no entry requirements for this qualification. You can enroll in this course now.

Training Outcome

After completing this course, you will be able to carry out common maintenance of cutting dies, cutting board and aluminum plates etc. as well as collect work order, collect leather, bundle cut components, and grind and sharpen skiving knife and leather board. You will also gain knowledge of manipulating leather, leveling plastic Teflon boards, understand visual aids to improve sewing and use proper guides and gadgets. The course will also have taught you how to create different types of stitches like chain stitches and lock stitches and taught you how to observe all safety precautions with tools and equipment.

Potential Employers

This course has broad prospects of employment in:

  1. Shoe manufacturing industry

Why Choose PSDF

PSDF offers market relevant training, with the following advantages over traditional courses:

  1. It is focused on outcomes and based on teamwork
  2. It is learner-centric, teachers act as facilitators for improving the learning process
  3. The course is broad and offers all required competencies for the trade
  4. In addition to the technical skills, trainees are also taught soft skills necessary for the workplace

Only certified National Assessors can conduct CBT assessment.


3 Month

Education Level

Class 4

Source Of Curriculum

Training Service Provider

Certification Authority Name

Training Service Provider


English, Urdu

Expected Monthly income

PKR 20,000 - 25,000

Student Testimonial.

Rida's Success Story.

Rida Mansoor, a resident of District #Sheikhupura received training in Commercial Tailoring under Skills For Market Linkages program, funded by #PSDF which facilitated her to earn a respectable income for her family.

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